Taranaki Region

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St John Ambulance


Frequency Location Repeater
141.3875 New Plymouth Blagdon Hill
141.4125 Opunake Kahui Trig
141.4625 South Taranaki Jacksons Lookout
425.500 I Band Link NP - Mt Messenger
141.3250 Awakino North Comm

Note: Often linked with Wairarapa

Taranaki Base Hospital

Frequency Channel Type
462.1187 1 Repeater
466.6875 2 Simplex
466.7125 3 Simplex
157.800 Paging Taranaki Wide


Dispatched from Central Comms in Wellington, a joint venture between Wellington Free Ambulance and St John Ambulance, which is also connected to the Auckland and Christchurch Communications Centres.

Station Unit
Air 1 New Plymouth Taranaki Rescue Helicopter (ZK-ITR)
Taranaki 1 District Operations Manager
New Plymouth 1, 2, 3, 91, 92, FRU, Oscar 1 Taranaki, Tango 1
Inglewood 1
Waitara FRU
Stratford 1, 2
Hawera 1, 2
Manaia FRU
Patea 1, PRIME Dr
Opunake FRU
Urenui FRU
Waverley FRU

Fire and Emergency New Zealand (FENZ)


Frequency Location Repeater Location
75.6375 New Plymouth Blagdon Hill
75.6375 Patea Hurleyville
75.8250 Opunake Kahui Trig
75.8250 Kohuratahi Kohuratahi
75.8000 South Taranaki Jacksons Lookout
75.7000 Awakino Taumatamaire
75.7000 Okato Okato Reservoir
75.7750 Mokau Mt Messenger

Note: Often linked with East coast


Station Station # Crewing Callsigns
Hawera 55 Volunteer HAWE551, HAWE554, HAWE557, HAWE5529
Manaia 57 Volunteer MANA577
New Plymouth 61 Career, Volunteer NEWP611, NEWP612, NEWP613, NEWP614, NEWP617, NEWP6118, NEWP6126, NEWP6129
New Plymouth West 62 Volunteer NEWP621
Inglewood 64 Volunteer INGL641, INGL647, INGL6429
Okato 65 Volunteer OKAT651
Oakura 63 Volunteer OAKU631, OAKU6329
Opunake 53 Volunteer OPUN531, OPUN537, OPUN5329
Patea 58 Volunteer PATE587, PATE5829
Stratford 48 Volunteer STRA481, STRA487, STRA4829
Urenui 66 Volunteer UREN667
Waitara 47 Volunteer WAIT471, WAIT477, WAIT4729
Waverely 72 Volunteer WAVE721
Ngamotu 68 Volunteer NGAM6811, NGAM6875

New Zealand Police


Taranaki falls within the Central Police District which is covered by the Central Police Communications Centre in Wellington.
At periods of low staffing or inactivity the frequencies are often linked with Gisborne and occasionally Wanganui.

Frequency Location Repeater
76.2000 Opunake Kahui Trig
76.2000 Kohuratahi Kohuratahi
76.2250 Awakino Taumatamaire
76.2250 Okato Okato Reservoir
76.2500 New Plymouth Blagdon Hill
76.2500 Patea Hurleyville
76.2875 East Egmont Jacksons Lookout
76.1000 Mokau Mt Messenger
427.9750 Stratford I Band Link
485.2000 Stratford
485.2250 Hawera/Opunake
485.2312 Hawera/South Taranaki
485.2500 New Plymouth
485.6000 Hawera / Waiwakaiho
485.9500 New Plymouth North Waitara
486.0000 New Plymouth North Bell Block
486.6250 New Plymouth Central Education House
486.7500 New Plymouth
488.0000 New Plymouth Simplex


Callsign Prefix Station/Unit
BO Moturoa
BQ Bell Block
BZ Fitzroy
ET Eltham
HW Hawera
HWCP Hawera Community Patrol
ID Inglewood
IW Inglewood
MA Manaia
MI Manaia
MQ Mokau
NU New Plymouth
NUCP New Plymouth Community Patrol
OQ Oakura
OT Okato
PA Central District (PAH)
PE Patea
R3 Region 3
SF Stratford
WT Waitara


Frequency Description
114.400 New Plymouth VOR
124.700 New Plymouth Tower/Unattended
118.100 New Plymouth Tower Secondary
127.050 New Plymouth ATIS
126.000 Christchurch Control Raglan Sector (Arrivals to AKL/HLZ)
124.650 Taranaki Traffic/Hawera & Stratford Unattended
123.450 Hawera AWIB
133.650 Maui Traffic/Helicopters NZ & Oaonui Helibase
133.050 New Plymouth Aero Club
129.800 Christchurch Information
131.100 Air Nelson Operations

Christchurch Control 126.000 Transmitter has been relocated from Ohura to Ruaotuwhenua. It is unlikely any listeners in Taranaki will hear ATC transmitting.


Frequency Channel Description
156.5500 11 Port Taranaki Working
156.6000 12 Port Taranaki Working
156.8000 16 Port Taranaki Calling
161.6000 20 Nowcast Weather Channel
160.6750 61 Port Taranaki Working & Coastguard
156.3750 67 Taranaki Maritime Working
156.4750 69 Surf Lifesaving

Civil Defence

Frequency Description
143.6500 New Plymouth
143.6900 New Plymouth
148.2875 Police CD 12


Frequency Description Repeater
151.0500 Energy Cabs.[no longer used] (encrypted: tone inversion) Blagdon Hill
152.7750 Energy Cabs, Alt. channel.[no longer used](encrypted: tone inversion) Blagdon Hill
163.0000 Energy Cabs. (encrypted: tone inversion) Carrington Road
151.4500 New Plymouth Taxis (computerised dispatch) Blagdon Hill


Frequency Location
151.9500 Pohukura
152.0500 Waitotara
152.3500 Turakina

Teamtalk LocalNet DMR

Frequency Repeater
151.0625 Blagdon Hill
151.9625 Taumatamaire
152.4375 Jacksons Lookout
Talk Group Radio ID Company
1000 1 First Gas Control
1000 346 First Gas
1000 347 First Gas
1000 383 First Gas
1000 384 First Gas


Frequency Description Type
152.2750 Okato Vets
155.5750 Taranaki Regional Council
464.9312 Customs
461.8562 New Plymouth Prison
464.875 Event Cinema / Top Town
147.2000 Amateur Radio New Plymouth / Power Station
147.0500 Amateur Radio South Taranaki / East Egmont
145.5000 Amateur Radio Opunake
453.41875 Road Marking Services
84.750 Taranaki Building Removers
150.500 Central House Movers