Ambulance National Frequencies

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Ambulance National Frequencies and Information


New St Johns Ambos being commissioned are currently being built without the MDT, as the new Android system (Samsung Galaxy) is being rolled out around the country. Of interest, they are using Tait Mobile TM9455s and Tait Portable TP9455s which are P25 capable, however still using Analogue. No word on when the switch to P25 will occur. Currently there is only one simplex frequency in digital - and the Selcall system can't be used on digital channels. All stations have a mute mode, where the channel can be quietened to allow people sleeping on station to not hear the traffic, unless the station RT is paged. Hospitals employ a similar setup where traffic isn't heard unless the R40 goes through.


143.9875     Ambulance New Zealand
140.6750     Events 1                     250.3
140.6625     Events 2                     250.3
143.0500     "Public Safety Radio"        
140.9875     Liaison                      
140.6375     Simplex 1                    250.3
140.6500     Simplex 2                    250.3