Ambulance Manager Codes

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Manager Availability Level

Manager Levels are used to notify Communications Centres of Managers response availability

Code Response Description
Level 1 Purple Calls Only
Level 2 Purple and Red Calls Only
Level 3 All Response Levels (Frontline Response)
Level 4 Manager on Call (Manager Duties Only)
Level 5 Unavailable to Respond

Q Codes

Q Codes are Ambulance codes used by Managers

Code Description
Q81 Responding
Q82 Not Responding
Q83 Keep Me Informed
Q84 More Detail Required
Q85 Contact By Phone
Q86 Advise Exec on Call
Q87 Advise Directors
Q88 Official All Clear
Q89 Institute Major Incident Plan
Q90 Returning to Base
Q91 Assuming Incident Command
Q92 Relinquishing Incident Com