Scanning Utilities in Auckland

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Freq         User                      Repeater        
153.1250     Vector                    Skytower        
153.1625     Vector                    Waiatarua        
153.2000     Vector System Control     Skytower         
153.2250     Vector Faults             Skytower         
150.7875     Counties Power            Simplex          
152.6000     Counties Power            Rataroa          
153.3500     Counties Power            Pukekohe Hill
152.1375     Counties Power            Hunua
152.0125     Counties Power            Manukau Heads


Freq         User                      Repeater        Channel    CTCSS
153.2500     Vector Gas National 
             System Control            Quinns Rd        E201      103.5


Freq         User                      Repeater        Channel    CTCSS
151.6250     Watercare                 Skytower         E71       131.8
152.0250     Watercare                 Quinns Rd        E103      131.8
454.925      Watercare                 MANGATANGI TRIG  J52B      (need tone)