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Like many services, the police use a great number of abbreviations.

Abbreviation Definition
EV Enter Vehicle
LV Locate stolen vehicle
NIA National Intelligence Application
QAFV Query Address Family Violence
QDH Query Drivers History
QEC Query Engine/Chassis number
QF Query File
QG Query Firearm Licence
QNFV Query Name Family Violence
QP Query Person
QR Query Vehicle register
QV Query Vehicle of interest (VOI)
QVA Query something to do with offence history
QVH Query History of licence holder
QVR Query VOI and Register (combination of QV and QR)
QI Query Property


Term Definition
47 Report for the Coroner
56 See EBA (refers to section 56 of Land Transport Act 1998)
58 See EBA (refers to section 58 of Transport Act 1962)
101 form for reporting minor offences (Pol101)
258 General purpose police report form (Pol258)
400 Family Violence Report (POL400)
AOS Armed Offenders Squad
ASAP As Soon As Possible
CAD Computer Assisted Dispatch system
CAU Child Abuse Unit
CIB Criminal Investigation Branch (detectives)
CIU Combined Investigative Unit (detectives and uniformed officers)
CIS Criminal Intelligence Section
CRB Criminal Registration Branch (Photos/Fingerprints)
CVST Commercial Vehicle Safety Team (previously CVIU - Commercial Vehicle Investigation Unit)
DAO Duly Appointed Officer
DLICNO Drivers Licence Number
DPS Diplomatic Protection Squad
EAGLE Police Helicopter
EBA Excess Breath Alcohol (drunk driver)
Flags Additional info attached to a persons file, usually a warning.
GBH Grievous Bodily Harm
GDB General Duties Branch (Uniformed Officers)
Informant A person who has reported or witnessed an offence.
ION Infringement offence notice
Masters A file containing a persons criminal history.
MPR Miscellaneous property report
NIA National Intelligence Application (previously NIS - National Intelligence System)
Northcom Northern Communications Centre (Auckland)
NUA No Unit Available
OR Offence Report
PNT Police Negotiation Team
POI Person of interest
PRN Person record number
Pseudo A drivers licence with no classes, generally a disqualified driver.
QID Officer ident number
SAP Safe Arrival Point
Sig Test? ???
SITREP Situation Report
SOCO Scene of Crimes Officer (Forensic)
SSG Specialist Search Group
STG Special Tactics Group
STU Strategic Traffic Unit
STATUS-D Disqualified
Switchy Computer terminal message
TAR Traffic accident report
TESSA Telecom telephone number database
TON Traffic offence notice
TP Team Policing
TSB Traffic Safety Branch
TY Police vehicle involved in crash (derived from the treasury (ty) form that has to be filled in afterwards)
VOI Vehicle of Interest
WTA Warrant To Arrest
WTI Wanted To Interview
YAS Youth Aid Section
YES Youth Education Section
File Number Number assigned to police file by the Wanganui Computer eg 971225/3456
Event number Number assigned to an incident dispatched from the communications centre by the CAD system