Marine VHF Frequencies

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Marine VHF Frequencies

Maritime Radio - New Zealand

See the following link for changes AFTER the 1st October 2016 -

Channel   Frequency   Max Pwr         Designated Use
MM01      160.6500      25w       General Maritime Repeaters
MM02      160.7000      25w       Telecommunications Network Access
MM03      160.7500      25w       General Maritime Repeaters
MM04      160.8000      25w       General Maritime Repeaters
MM05      160.8500      25w       General Maritime Repeaters
MM06      156.3000      25w       Ship to Ship
MM07      160.9500      25w       Telecommunications Network Access
MM08      156.4000      25w       Ship to Ship
MM09      156.4500      25w       Port Operations & Shop Movement
MM10      156.5000      25w       Port Operations & Shop Movement
MM11      156.5500      25w       Port Operations & Shop Movement
MM12      156.6000      25w       Port Operations & Shop Movement
MM13      156.6500      25w       Ship to Ship - Navigation Safety 
MM14      156.7000      25w       Port Operations & Shop Movement 
MM15      156.7500       1w       On-board & Diving Operations  
MM17      156.8500       1w       On-board & Temp Aquatic Events   
MM18      161.5000      25w       Temp Aquatic Events 
MM19      161.5500      25w       Port Operations & Shop Movement 
MM20      161.6000      25w       Port Operations & Shop Movement  
MM21      161.6500      25w       Automatic Weather Information 
MM22      161.7000      25w       Automatic Weather Information 
MM23      161.7500      25w       Automatic Weather Information  
MM24      161.8000      25w       Commercial Maritime Repeaters 
MM25      161.8500      25w       Telecommunications Network Access 
MM26      161.9000      25w       Telecommunications Network Access 
MM27      161.9500      25w       General Maritime Repeaters
MM28      162.0000      25w       General Maritime Repeaters 
MM60      160.6250      25w       General Maritime Repeaters
MM61      160.6750      25w       General Maritime Repeaters
MM62      160.7250      25w       General Maritime Repeaters
MM63      160.7750      25w       General Maritime Repeaters
MM64      160.8250      25w       General Maritime Repeaters
MM65      160.8750      25w       General Maritime Repeaters
MM66      160.9250      25w       General Maritime Repeaters
MM67      156.3750      25w       Maritime NZ Coast Stations & Anti-Pollution Operations 
MM68      156.4250      25w       Maritime NZ Coast Stations
MM69      156.4750      25w       Surf Lifesaving Clubs 
MM70      156.5250      25w       DSC for Distress, Safety & Calling 
MM71      156.5750      25w       Coast Stations 
MM72      156.6250      25w       Reserved 
MM73      156.6750      25w       Port Operations & Marinas 
MM74      156.7250      25w       Coast Stations
MM75      156.7750      25w       Reserved
MM76      156.8250      25w       Reserved
MM77      156.8750      25w       Temporary Aquatic Events
MM78      156.9250      25w       Commercial Maritime Repeaters
MM79      161.5750      25w       Port Operations & Ship Movement
MM80      161.6250      25w       Coastguard 
MM81      161.6750      25w       Coastguard
MM82      161.7250      25w       Coastguard
MM83      161.7750      25w       Coastguard
MM84      161.8250      25w       Coastguard
MM85      161.8750      25w       Coastguard
MM86      161.9250      25w       Coastguard
MM87      157.3750      25w       Ship to Ship - Coastguard SAR
MM88      157.4250      25w       Ship to Ship - Coastguard SAR 
MM89      157.4750
MM90      157.5250
MM91      157.5750
AIS1      161.9750
AIS2      162.0250

Map of Marine VHF Repeaters as of 08FEB18