Ambulance Response/Assessment Codes

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Response Priorities

Colour Priority Response Description
Purple Very High Immediately life-threatening - cardiac/respiratory arrest
Under lights(broadcast over the radio for closest vehicle to attend)
Red High Potentially life-threatening or time-critical
Under lights
Orange Medium Urgent or potentially serious
Road speed(crew may respond under lights if appropriate)
Green Low Non-urgent(low acuity)
Road speed
Grey Very Low Non-urgent(low acuity)
Referred to Clinical Desk

Patient Status Codes

Patient status codes are a numerical range used to indicate the severity of a patients injuries or condition
A patients status may be changed based upon clinical presentation but should not be changed for mechanism of injury or age of the patient

Status Patient Condition Triage Urgency Triage Tag
Zero Dead Not Required Black/White
One Critical Immediate Red
Two Serious Urgent Orange/Yellow
Three Moderate Delayed Green
Four Minor Delayed Green


Used to provide details from scene to comms about a major incident

METHANE stands for:

M Major incident declared
E Exact Location of Incident
T Type of Incident
H Hazards Present or Suspected
A Access to and from from the incident scene
N Number, Type and Severity of Casualties
E Emergency services required and already on scene